Re: Pygobject and Python 3

Hello Robert,

Robert Park [2012-05-19  8:16 -0500]:
> Last I heard from J5 (over a year ago), is that he is using python3
> exclusively for his development and everybody should be moving towards
> it.

I still run all tests with both python 2 and 3 and make sure that they
all work when doing a release. It occasionally happens that trunk
temporarily breaks for one Python version. However, I recently
switched my default Python version in jhbuild to 3. :-)

> > 2. What Python version should be targetted if developing a new
> > Pygobject-based application?
> Depends what other modules you require. My own personal project is
> held back by pyexiv2, which has not been ported to py3k yet. If you're
> starting a new application you should determine what modules you'll
> need to be using and what their py3k support is. If there is nothing
> that's incompatible with py3k then go ahead and use py3k.

Fully agree.

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