Pygobject and Python 3


can somebody clear up the situation and pitfalls of Pygobject and
Python 2/3? I've seen a few blog posts about it, but they are
basically about making things work with Python 3, and date back more
than a year. Also, I occasionally see Python 3 fixes in the release

What I'm interested in is the following points:

1. Is Python 3 supported by Pygobject, or is it merely dragged along
with the occasional test and fix?

2. What Python version should be targetted if developing a new
Pygobject-based application?

3. What's the deployment situation? I saw that Pygobject picks up a
Python version at compile time. As Python 2 is still default on many
distributions - does a Python 3 application need a special version of
Pygobject? Would those be parallel installable? Do distributions plan
on providing both packaged?


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