Re: Can't build PyGObject because jhbuild bootstrap fails

Hi Sebastian,

I forgot to mention that I also used alternatives to set automake 1.9 as
my default:

$ jhbuild sanitycheck
I: unknown keys defined in configuration file: libdir, system_libdir
automake-1.4 not found
automake-1.7 not found
automake-1.8 not found

Prior to this it also said it couldn't find automake-1.9, so clearly it
does find it. But then it _still_ tries to download & use automake-1.11!

Is there any way to force jhbuild to use automake-1.9?


Mark Summerfield, Qtrac Ltd,
    C++, Python, Qt, PyQt - training and consultancy
        "Programming in Go" - ISBN 0321774639

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