PyGI merged into PyGObject


the merge finally happened, PyGI has found its (hopefully) definitive
home. Thanks a lot to Johan Dahlin for doing most of the work, J5 and
me mostly just massaged the tests so they pass again.

I have closed the PyGI component for new bugs and have moved all the
open ones to pygobject/introspection:

Johan has added some of us to the pygobject maintainers in bugzilla
but some will be missing, please ping any of us and we'll add you.

PyGI maintainers: please add yourselves to the pygobject.doap and
README files in pygobject.

We still need to setup a new IRC channel, mark the obsolete modules in
git clearly as such and keep working on the wiki pages to make them
more clear and complete:

Any help as always welcome.



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