Re: merging PyGI into PyGObject

On 06/15/2010 10:27 AM, Toms wrote:
My effort to port hamster-aplet to pygi is still in progress and i'm
waiting for a few bugs to be resolved until i move on. For now it's
just two:

bug 620577 ( is
somewhat of unconvenience as it is tricky for custom widgets to adapt
to theme

gtk.GtkStyleHelper is not in the .gir, but is a PyGtk-specific construct. So if we really want to remain compatible with PyGtk, we'll need to write an override.

bug 620593 ( can be
solved in overrides as i described in the last comment, but i was not
sure i should go there

So, we have three problems with events: 1) accessing struct members directly from the enclosing union, 2) having a distinct wrapper for each enclosed struct, 3) marshalling the right specific wrapper into python

For now, I personally would go with the override that Steve proposes which addresses 1) for the specific case of GdkEvent.

So for now i have half-functional screens with the more complex stuff
not working. My thinking was that once i have it running, i could
review the effort required to do that and give some feedback.

This will be a great contribution.



On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 8:56 AM, Tomeu Vizoso
<tomeu vizoso collabora co uk>  wrote:
So we need for someone to port a non-trivial app to PyGI, and once
that works, try the Python 3 branches for PyGObject and PyGI. If
things don't work as expected, we need to add the relevant tests and
fix those until things work.

 From #pygi, seems like several people are porting their apps to PyGI.
Maybe somebody interested on Python 3.x could coordinate with one of
them and test the branches once the port works?

If that person could add proper cases to the testsuite, it would give
a lot of confidence on the port.




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