Re: [Planner] Using PostgreSQL to save and share project info

tor 2004-03-04 klockan 21.18 skrev Preston:
> Hello,
> I am looking into using planner with postgresql so that information can 
> be shared on multiple machines.  I am using Planner v .11  and 
> PostgreSQL 7.3.   I am using the sql schema I found in cvs.  I can open 
> Planner, create some tasks and save them to the database with no 
> problems.  I looked through the database to ensure that the data was 
> being stored. 
> The problem is that when I open Planner and go to open from database, 
> fill in the info, and click ok, the program crashes with this error: 
> planner: relocation error: /usr/lib/planner/plugins/ 
> undefined symbol: PQsetdbLogin

This should be related to a bug in the makefiles for the sql plugin that
was recently mentioned on the planner-dev list. It will be fixed for the
next release.


Richard Hult                    richard imendio com

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