Re: [Planner Dev] MSP2Planner

On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 08:16, Richard Hult wrote:
> We are getting lots of cool stuff done lately, it seems like :)

Yeah, I can't wait to get some spare time to try out Alvaro's e-d-s
plugin, and getting a native windows version going would open up a whole
new audience.  Very cool stuff indeed.

> > What's not:
> > * Properties
> > * Phases
> > * Calendars
> > * Resource Groups
> Do these items (except calendars I guess) look feasible to convert, or
> are they done very differently?

I haven't paid the others much attention yet.  I'll look into them in
the next week or so.

> > Issues:
> > * Lag doesn't translate correctly.  I need to do some more testing to
> > figure out what the correct conversion is.
> >
I corrected this last night.  It needed to be multiplied by 6. Go
> > * Calendars!  Ugh!  (The sound you hear is my head banging against the
> > wall.)  MS Project doesn't implement calendars with the day-type
> > concept, at least not the way Planner does.  MSP lists the working times
> > for each day of the week for each calendar.  I'm not sure if its
> > possible to translate this into day types using an xsl stylesheet.  Any
> > suggestions would be welcome.  For now - I've pasted the default
> > calendar definition into the stylesheet so there will be a default
> > calendar in the result file.
> Yeah, we have a bit more advanced calendar handling (maybe a bit too
> advanced...). It might be fine to just not handle calendars more than
> what you've done. 

Well, yeah.  It won't keep me up at night, but I haven't given up on
figuring out a solution just yet.  

> The drawback of just opening the file would be that the user would open
> the file but would not be able to save it back to an msproj file, even
> if it would look like it should do that. We could on the other hand
> popup a dialog saying that it's a file of a certain type that we can
> import and do it if the user wants.

Sounds like a good idea.
In any case, I'll need some help with this end of it, since I don't have
any C programming experience.  Anyone out there want to take a crack at
Kurt Maute <Kurt Maute us>

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