[Planner Dev] Planner task edit multiple-dialog enhancement patch (132453)

Buona Pasqua....

Hopefully finally, here is the patch to add the ability to open
multiple task edit dialogs all at once.

See http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=132453 for the
original enhancement, though the actual implementation is
different from what I originally envisaged; it works so I'm

This allows you to select a number of tasks and then via the
Action menu, right-mouse (Richard has patched this to keep
the selection), or accelerator keys , then open up one
dialog per selected task which will be focused on the desired
tab (page) e.g. Action->Edit Dialog->Notes Page would open up
the task dialog on the notes page.

Why does this help user workflow ?

And example: when you want to assign resources then the
current way to do that is to click each task, open each task
edit dialog in turn, click the resources page and then assign
the resources and then close page.You repeat this for each task.

With this new multi-dialog the task edit dialog can now
take a list of tasks thus you can shift-click/control-click
many tasks (up to 49 at a time) and then select Action->Edit Dialog->Resources Page and (after confirmation) open up
all these dialogs all focused on the Resource page. You then assign
the resources for that task and close the page. Repeat for each
open dialog.

On small projects you won't notice the problem but on
large projects of say over 100 tasks it can save many minutes
if you have to go through each task adjusting stuff (assignments,
notes, completion% etc).

Notes for peer review of previously submitted patch.
This patch is standalone from other patches which should
help Richard :)

Have enumerated EditTaskPage - it is still in planner-window.h
as I feel this is a logical place for this given its used by a
number of files and this works fine without having to add
extra #includes

I have added new popup_menu_items so I have cleaned up existing shortcuts.

New icons for the edit dialogs and also for Reset/Reset All Constraints

Renamed the Edit Dialog functions and UI stuff so that they have
a consistent naming convention across all of Planner

Existing functions,
planner_task_dialog_new ()
planner_task_tree_edit_task ()

now take extra parameter #3 of  EditTaskPage which switches
the dialog to that Notebook page.

Used g_list_length() where neccessary when counting number
of selected tasks.

Set all my strings to be translatable with _()

Builds OK from clean checkout of anon CVS as of 3am this morning
so hopefully no merge issues.


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