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An ostree static delta is normally a single "header" plus a number of
"delta parts", mostly in order for each file to not be too large when
downloading. Additionally, some files in a commit can be very large,
so stuffing them in a delta doesn't make a lot of snese. These are
"fallback objects".

 --min-fallback-size=0 disables fallbacks
 --inline puts all the delta parts in the (now large) header file

So, in combination these two give a standalone single-file version of
all that is changed between two commits.

On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 1:37 PM, Manuel Stühn <embedded justmail de> wrote:

Colin Walters – Mon, 5. March 2018 23:22
Hi Manuel,

On Tue, Feb 27, 2018, at 6:10 AM, Manuel Stühn wrote:

#ostree --repo=repo static-delta apply-offline delta.file
error: Opening deltapart 'deltas/81/ToIa4loKTd3vHK4XrWa
No such file or directory

That's weird. We have a test case in git for this:
that's currently passing. And playing with deltas locally in
one of my development repos things seem to work too.

My initial thought is it was related to this recently fixed bug:
But AFAICS you shouldn't have been triggering that.

What version of ostree are you using again?

Thank you for your answer.  I already glimpsed into the testcases of yours and the qt-ota code which does 
something similar (offline-support) and appended to the commandline "--min-fallback-size=0 --inline". 
Unfortunately I do not have a clue, what these additional options do but now applying static-deltas seems 
to work.

The versions of ostree in usage is
ostree 2016.15
  +libsoup +gpgme +libarchive +selinux +libmount

ATM I do those steps:
1. create a new bare repository
2. local-pull the branch to be updated from the archive-repo into the bare repo
3. apply the deltas and
4. local-pull the branch back to the archive repo.

Is there a simple way how i could apply these static deltas directly to an "archive-z2" repo?


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