Sign a summary with multiple GPG keys


I'm trying to use `ostree summary` to sign a summary file with multiple GPG keys, but it doesn't seem to work.  I'm running ostree 2017.14 and using the following command:

ostree summary -u --gpg-sign=<key_id_1> --gpg-sign=<key_id_2> --repo=<repo_path> --gpg-homedir=/<path>/.gnupg

I then use `ostree init` to create a new repo and add a remote:

ostree remote add <name> file:///<path_to_repo>/

ostree remote gpg-import --keyring=<gpg-homedir_path>/pubring.gpg <name> <key_id_1>

Then, I'm testing the signature with:

ostree pull-local --remote=<name> --gpg-verify-summary --repo=./ <repo_path>

This will always get rejected due to:

error: GPG signatures found, but none are in trusted keyring

But, if I had done `gpg-import <key_id_2>` instead of <key_id_1>, then it will work.  Does anyone know how to sign a summary with multiple GPG keys?


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