Re: trying to understand how the /boot/loader symlink is supposed to work.

On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 10:14 AM, Davis Roman <davis roman84 gmail com> wrote:
I had checked out my ostree repository into a directory on my host directory
however I probably should have shown what it looks like on my target

root@target:/boot# tree
|-- loader -> loader.0
|-- loader.0
|   |-- entries
|   |   |-- ostree-poky-0.conf
|   |   `-- ostree-poky-1.conf
|   `-- uEnv.txt
`-- ostree
        |-- boot.itb
        |-- loader -> boot/loader.0
        |-- loader.0
        `-- loader.1

We use u-boot on our ARM devices at Endless. Our image builder has this snippet:

  mkdir -p "${BOOT}"/loader.0
  ln -s loader.0 "${BOOT}"/loader
  # Empty uEnv.txt otherwise ostree gets upset
  > "${BOOT}"/loader/uEnv.txt
  ln -s loader/uEnv.txt "${BOOT}"/uEnv.txt

This is done prior to calling "ostree admin deploy". We've had that
forever and I don't recall all the reasons for it. Looking at the
ostree code in src/libostree/ostree-bootloader-uboot.c, I think what
happens is that the configuration gets put into loader.N/uEnv.txt
simulating what's done with the BLS entries. To work, I believe you
need the toplevel uEnv.txt -> loader/uEnv.txt symlink so u-boot finds
the uEnv.txt file corresponding to the current booting deployment.


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