trying to understand how the /boot/loader symlink is supposed to work.


We've ported ostree to run on our embedded device and I'm trying to make sure that the /ostree/boot directory jives with how the documentation states it should be laid out.

On our target, there doesn't appear to be anything in the 'loader.0' and 'loader.1' directories ( despite the documentation stating that there should be files in these folders), instead the boot.itb file simply resides in /boot

( FYI, we've enabled u-boot fit and so the kernel, devicetree and initrd are contained in the boot.itb blob)

Does anyone see any issue with this file structure? Just wanted to make sure there's nothing wrong in our implementation.

root@XPS-15-9560:~/ostree-test/target-generic-ota/boot# tree
├── boot.itb-330fec4aae217fd2d588307bac836388fd7d3f68cf522cef114592bef81315aa
├── loader -> boot/loader.0
├── loader.0
└── loader.1

2 directories, 2 files

Thank you,


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