Re: trying to understand how the /boot/loader symlink is supposed to work.

On Tue, Jan 30, 2018, at 10:05 AM, Davis Roman wrote:

We've ported ostree to run on our embedded device and I'm trying to make
sure that the /ostree/boot directory jives with how the documentation
states it should be laid out.

I am not sure if there is actually a public (freely available) "reference OS"
using libostree + uboot.  For Fedora Atomic on aarch64 I think we're doing u-boot -> grub2,
but I haven't tried it myself yet.

Maybe for the people who are making libostree-based OSes - if you have
publicly available systems, post here so we can gather a list?  That way
we can all use each other more easily as references.

On our target, there doesn't appear to be anything in the 'loader.0' and
'loader.1' directories ( despite the documentation stating that there
should be files in these folders), instead the boot.itb file simply resides
in /boot

( FYI, we've enabled u-boot fit and so the kernel, devicetree and initrd
are contained in the boot.itb blob)

libostree is currently unaware of this.  We just merged devicetree support:

I think .itb support would need to touch all of those code paths.  Mind
filing an issue?  Do you have the ability+time to implement it?  If not,
is it viable to drop down to split kernel/initramfs/dt?

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