Planning to dual-(re)license the docs as CC BY-SA + GFDL

TL;DR - I'm proposing we dual- relicense the ostree docs as CC BY-SA + GFDL
so that they can be included in Wikipedia (and used in presentations,
included in the docs for other projects easily).  See this issue:

I ran this:
$ git log --pretty='%an %ae' docs | sort -u
Abhay Kadam akadam redhat com
Adam Miller maxamillion fedoraproject org
Chen Fan fan chen easystack cn
Colin Walters walters verbum org
Francesco Giannelli bassobassista gmail com
Giuseppe Scrivano gscrivan redhat com
Jonathan Lebon jlebon redhat com
Krzesimir Nowak krzesimir kinvolk io
Lisa St. John grimthorpe users noreply github com
Marcus Folkesson marcus folkesson gmail com
Mathnerd314 mathnerd314 gph+hs gmail com
Micah Abbott miabbott redhat com
William Manley will williammanley net

However, some of these are one-liners; let's just say
"is" trivial ;)  Since I don't have a valid email for "Lisa St. John",
I just pinged the person on github via the PR.  

If you object, please reply to this mail, or comment on the github PR.

If you *don't* object, feel free to comment on the PR.  (You
can also reply to the list but it feels like it'd be a little noisy
for something this small)

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