How to deal with a large staticdelta that is a product of a bloated commit in our ostree repository

Hi everyone,

In my ostree repository I have a commit that creates a staticdelta of 380MB.  This was caused by a bug in our buildsystem as the staticdeltas in our system are normally significantly smaller than that (~7.5MB).

The first and third commit are the appropriate size however the second is the pesky static delta that I'm trying to deal with.
-rw-r--r-- 1 davis davis 7.5M Jan 23 19:34 ostree-static-delta-3f63592058-88453200a4
-rw-r--r-- 1 davis davis 380M Jan 23 19:46 ostree-static-delta-88453200a4-7637089bc6
-rw-r--r-- 1 davis davis 7.3M Jan 23 19:46 ostree-static-delta-7637089bc6-6c1ba14b05

I tried to mitigate this by create a new static delta using it's start commit with it's child commit (88453200a4-6c1ba14b05) essentially trying to nullify the 380MB and I was expecting a new staticdelta of just a few MB as that reflects the real change.

However, this is not what I'm seeing and in fact I'm still generating a 380MB staticdelta.

I'm curious to know if this is the expected behavior. I had hoping this worked like git where I'm allowed to cancel out diffs using the above scheme.

For the sake of providing enough context, I provided below the output of 'ostree static-delta generate' 

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts.

Thank you,


Generating static-delta...

Generating static delta:
  From: 88453200a44c7a9919c458e1e0aaa058f1d9a520ad1ff0ae0a93d0efdf601267
  To:   6c1ba14b059fc484e4bf6a4fa2488bbfe0c775c6c4202383865efed39c2b11b8
modified: 398
new reachable: metadata=3951 content regular=37692 symlink=0
rollsum for 4b1afa971ca60d6b1dc334e564af12b0acb61bd6454ca61f06f78d68c45b1bce; crcs=1 bufs=1 total=2 matchsize=604
rollsum for 5c0bf4a299f17321cbc6f0f9ce59a7d5385a9004e4bd65be06962d80fd037426; crcs=1 bufs=1 total=2 matchsize=1147
rollsum for 2/398 modified
part 0 n:4122 compressed:2800761 uncompressed:40870076
part 1 n:854 compressed:4800945 uncompressed:31619544
part 2 n:626 compressed:6379833 uncompressed:31133211
part 3 n:886 compressed:6661885 uncompressed:31998958
part 4 n:1237 compressed:6364773 uncompressed:31407860
part 5 n:814 compressed:6747081 uncompressed:31342227
part 6 n:995 compressed:6833445 uncompressed:31901747
part 7 n:574 compressed:6951337 uncompressed:30996141
part 8 n:304 compressed:6517517 uncompressed:30033532
part 9 n:736 compressed:7043313 uncompressed:31981019
part 10 n:1021 compressed:5225757 uncompressed:24940879
part 11 n:1 compressed:27526913 uncompressed:207100608
part 12 n:377 compressed:1464009 uncompressed:7285701
part 13 n:1 compressed:23994861 uncompressed:103439688
part 14 n:1048 compressed:7003445 uncompressed:31969552
part 15 n:756 compressed:5630393 uncompressed:24759593
part 16 n:103 compressed:6203205 uncompressed:31976836
part 17 n:916 compressed:5698857 uncompressed:26440615
part 18 n:770 compressed:7018717 uncompressed:29866822
part 19 n:214 compressed:5834949 uncompressed:27704277
part 20 n:177 compressed:3343337 uncompressed:29298508
part 21 n:782 compressed:6905089 uncompressed:31980489
part 22 n:885 compressed:5931393 uncompressed:30483826
part 23 n:957 compressed:6926077 uncompressed:31983879
part 24 n:180 compressed:1371081 uncompressed:5596253
part 25 n:1 compressed:9175021 uncompressed:46939472
part 26 n:892 compressed:6472029 uncompressed:30826092
part 27 n:1081 compressed:6681525 uncompressed:31604530
part 28 n:621 compressed:7789745 uncompressed:31615002
part 29 n:907 compressed:5988557 uncompressed:26936331
part 30 n:1 compressed:19272373 uncompressed:82937908
part 31 n:1147 compressed:6680941 uncompressed:31840184
part 32 n:1147 compressed:6853905 uncompressed:31985807
part 33 n:802 compressed:3496393 uncompressed:17001844
part 34 n:1 compressed:18154233 uncompressed:77616624
part 35 n:1148 compressed:6241153 uncompressed:31157668
part 36 n:798 compressed:6388393 uncompressed:29327641
part 37 n:946 compressed:7596181 uncompressed:31012592
part 38 n:660 compressed:5099221 uncompressed:24031961
part 39 n:723 compressed:6179877 uncompressed:30232606
part 40 n:926 compressed:5861813 uncompressed:28833390
part 41 n:867 compressed:6315013 uncompressed:31963602
part 42 n:794 compressed:6408517 uncompressed:31933151
part 43 n:1035 compressed:5457077 uncompressed:27458962
part 44 n:981 compressed:5715089 uncompressed:31787701
 part 45 n:996 compressed:6084245 uncompressed:30290169
part 46 n:468 compressed:12873493 uncompressed:31997891
part 47 n:684 compressed:6780473 uncompressed:31940445
part 48 n:638 compressed:6226897 uncompressed:31946234
part 49 n:1017 compressed:6545429 uncompressed:31917813
part 50 n:642 compressed:5098233 uncompressed:28248937
part 51 n:514 compressed:6587433 uncompressed:31776971
part 52 n:1071 compressed:7038637 uncompressed:31549629
part 53 n:798 compressed:6738161 uncompressed:31728085
uncompressed=1956551083 compressed=396979030 loose=638296179
rollsum=2 objects, 1751 bytes
bsdiff=396 objects
'ostree-static-delta-88453200a4-6c1ba14b05' -> '/var/www/html/static-deltas/ostree-static-delta-88453200a4-6c1ba14b05'
➜  scripts git:(develop) ✗  ls -lah /var/www/html/static-deltas/ostree-static-delta-88453200a4-6c1ba14b05
-rw-r--r-- 1 davis davis 380M Jan 23 20:18 /var/www/html/static-deltas/ostree-static-delta-88453200a4-6c1ba14b05
➜  scripts git:(develop) ✗

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