Re: How to deal with a large staticdelta that is a product of a bloated commit in our ostree repository


On Tue, Jan 23, 2018, at 9:12 PM, Davis Roman wrote:
Hi everyone,

In my ostree repository I have a commit that creates a staticdelta of
380MB.  This was caused by a bug in our buildsystem as the staticdeltas in
our system are normally significantly smaller than that (~7.5MB).

In this case some additional data (like debuginfo or whatever) got into the commit?

Did client systems already see the bad commit?  If not, then I think the simplest
solution is to reset the commit history.  It's just a matter of:

$ ostree --repo=repo reset examplecorp/42/x86_64/os 

(Or whatever you want the tip commit to be)

If (some) clients already *did* see the commit then remember due to the
way ostree deltas work (between arbitrary commit A to B), you can generate
a delta that skips the bad commit.  In other words given this history:

A: current tip
B: bad bloated commit
C: commit
D: commit

You can generate a delta from C to A and clients still on C will jump
right over B.

Does that help?

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