Re: Is the process of generating ostree static-deltas thread-safe?

On Mon, Aug 6, 2018, at 4:38 PM, Davis Roman via ostree-list wrote:

I'm using the following to generate static-deltas

$ ostree --repo=/var/www/html/ostree-repo static-delta generate
${commit_to} --from=${commit_from} --min-fallback-size=1000 --inline=true

however I'm not sure if this command is thread-safe.

I have a use-case where I'll need to run the above command via a web
service and it may be very likely that it'll get called various times

I figure that the process of generating a static-delta only involves
reading from the ostree repo which would make it safe for concurrent use.

Yep, that's correct; generating deltas is both multi-process and thread safe.

(However, doing a repo prune will race with delta generation; the original
 locking PR did take a lock
 there, should be easy to do now)

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