Re: Running an ostree deployment in a container

On Fri, 2018-04-27 at 09:45 -0500, Dan Nicholson wrote:
That is simpler :) We had some people at Endless that were using
nspawn for testng, but now I see that they're also working on full
bootable images. I think it will be difficult for nspawn to handle a
straight deployment directory since it's not actually runnable in the
normal sense. OSTree deployments kinda depend on an initramfs setting
up the mounts correctly so it looks like a normal root directory.

I suspect I am one of the people at Endless being referred to here, and
I’d like to clarify that I do still want to run OSTree images from
nspawn for testing; but booting a VM makes more sense for other kinds
of testing.

In particular, using nspawn makes it a lot easier to programmatically
interact with the image’s processes for unit testing. That was why I
was working on it.

What you could _maybe_ do is point nspawn directly at
sysroot/ostree/deploy/$os/deploy/*, but I think you'd be lacking some
parts without doing some bind mounting yourself. I often chroot into
our raw ostree's with a little bit of bind mounting. In fact, our
image builder does roughly this to make our customization hooks look
like they're running on a booted system. Here's roughly what it does
after doing the stuff that's in that deploy script
(EIB_OSTREE_CHECKOUT is the "root" directory and EIB_OSTREE_OS is
the OS name we us, "eos"):

You can use nspawn’s --pivot-root argument to simulate the OSTree pivot
root done during a normal boot:

sudo systemd-nspawn -i ~/image.raw \
   --bind +/sysroot/ostree/deploy/$os/var:/var \
   --pivot-sysroot /ostree/deploy/$os/deploy/$checksum.0

See my earlier e-mail on it here:

I haven’t touched any of this nspawn stuff for a while though, so I
might be a little out of date now.


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