Re: A Proposal to make Experimental API Public in Ostree 2018.5

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On Thu, Apr 19, 2018, at 4:18 PM, Matthew Leeds wrote:

After some discussion with Rob McQueen, Dan Nicholson, Philip Withnall and
others who are involved with making this happen, I'm proposing that this
API be made public (non-experimental) in next week's 2018.5 release, for
the following reasons.

OK.   I'm not entirely sure we can do next week since at least the deploy
staging stuff that landed is still in need of some work and we're
getting really slowed down by some CI issues (being worked on).
I guess we could back it out and do a new release, or actually...mark
the new ostree_sysroot_stage_tree() API experimental.

I feel like we should do a review of the experimental API bits in groups.
Making the `ostree_repo_lock_*()` and `ostree_remote_*()` APIs
stable should be fairly straightforward for example; after that do
the p2p bits?

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