Re: storing overlayfs files in a different partition other than the main rootfs partition

On Thu, Apr 19, 2018, at 9:05 AM, Davis Roman wrote:

I'm working on an embedded device with ostree. Currently, I use 'ostree
admin unlock --hotfix' in order to enable the overlayfs.

I try to discourage people from using `--hotfix`; down the line we should
add an easy command to add a persistent layer that applies across upgrades

However, I'm implementation a scheme with dm-verity that would require a
read-only filesystem.

Did you see ?

Is it possible to specify an alternate location of where the store the
overlay files other than under /  ?

The overlay data is actually underneath `/var/tmp` which doesn't have
to be the same volume as / since

But if you want to make it build or runtime configurable I'm fine with

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