Re: What are .commitmeta files and why is delta update so huge?

On Fri, Jun 26, 2015, at 05:00 AM, Leandro Santiago wrote:
I think the delta generator is Ok. The problems seems to be caused by
the initramfs generation at tree composing time.

I followed up to

For reference though, gnome-continuous takes an alternative solution
to this, where the initramfs dependencies are annotated in the manifest,
like this:

It's less accurate than having the build system integrate more tightly
with the initramfs generator, but it basically works.

We don't actually need to handle "reproducible" initramfs, though
that would help a lot.

We have a previous commit, so we can pull content from that
assuming the cache matches.

rpm-ostree now has a high level entrypoint caching, see

We'll fix this in rpm-ostree at some point, it is going to be increasingly
important when doing continuous delivery.

The current use of rpm-ostree in several contexts often ends up including
a kernel update anyways.

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