Re: What are .commitmeta files and why is delta update so huge?

Well, they are quite small (a few kb). Is there any tool to analyse
the content of those files? (I bet not, but asking does not hurt :-))

There might be some other changes, as I create a new tree from the
scratch using rpm-ostree tree compose. But the files are supposed to
be almost the same, as I am using centos and I don't think so many
updates were made in so short interval of time (I built the two trees
with a short interval between them).

I'll try what you suggested, even though I am not sure if it will help
as what I need is reducing the amount of downloaded data.


On 25 June 2015 at 16:10, Giuseppe Scrivano <gscrivan redhat com> wrote:
Leandro Santiago <leandrosansilva gmail com> writes:

Hi, when running upgrade in the client using delta files, I noticed it
tries to request a .commitmeta file, which does not exist and I don't
know why and if it has any influence in the process.

.commitmeta (aka detached commit metadata) files are used to add
metadata to a commit object, like for example GPG signatures.

To summarize, I have generated delta files from commit
2435da4b6874efcfeaae9e342842676fe8a590f89dc80b3b2c991e4f6c8af506 to

$ ostree static-delta list

The client requests:
config -> OK
refs/heads/centos-atomic-egym/7/x86_64/dev -> OK
-> OK (980KB)
-> OK (200KB)
-> OK (17MB)
-> OK (17MB)

The difference between the two versions is very small, just some
modifications on some txt files (this is intentional). Before using
deltas, those updates were 40MB in size, so I was expecting a drastic
reduce in size when using delta, but it reduced to 34MB, which I think
is still not compatible the delta update idea.

So I wonder why the .filez (are they part of delta stuff, each one is
17MB in size?) were downloaded, if the superblock and 0 file were
found. I suspect it's related to the lack of the .commitmeta file, but
I am not sure.

Yes, I know the delta system is not finished yet and you are working
on it (I've been checking the source code and I might be able to
contribute with something...), but I for now I'd like to know what is
the behavior I should expect so far.

big files are not added to the delta files but instead only referenced
in the superblock file.  You can change this value, the default is 10M,
using --min-fallback-size to "static-delta generate", can you please try
with a higher value, like 30?

How big are the original text files that you modified?


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