What are .commitmeta files and why is delta update so huge?

Hi, when running upgrade in the client using delta files, I noticed it
tries to request a .commitmeta file, which does not exist and I don't
know why and if it has any influence in the process.

To summarize, I have generated delta files from commit
2435da4b6874efcfeaae9e342842676fe8a590f89dc80b3b2c991e4f6c8af506 to

$ ostree static-delta list

The client requests:
config -> OK
refs/heads/centos-atomic-egym/7/x86_64/dev -> OK
-> OK (980KB)
-> OK (200KB)
-> OK (17MB)
-> OK (17MB)

The difference between the two versions is very small, just some
modifications on some txt files (this is intentional). Before using
deltas, those updates were 40MB in size, so I was expecting a drastic
reduce in size when using delta, but it reduced to 34MB, which I think
is still not compatible the delta update idea.

So I wonder why the .filez (are they part of delta stuff, each one is
17MB in size?) were downloaded, if the superblock and 0 file were
found. I suspect it's related to the lack of the .commitmeta file, but
I am not sure.

Yes, I know the delta system is not finished yet and you are working
on it (I've been checking the source code and I might be able to
contribute with something...), but I for now I'd like to know what is
the behavior I should expect so far.

Oh, when I commit a new tree, I use the parameter --generate-sizes,
and I do now know if it's related to the problem too.

Thanks in advance.

Sent from my mind

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