Re: ostree host from scratch w/o anaconda

On Wed, Jun 17, 2015, at 12:18 AM, Touseef Liaqat wrote:

At this point I assumed we need to install boot loader and run following
command which I think is not supposed to be called directly, which is
causing some errors.

$ ostree admin instutil --sysroot=/mnt/ostreeroot/ grub2-generate

What we do with Anaconda/OSTree is that Anaconda is responsible
for installing the bootloader code:
then it calls into ostree to configure it:

2) I am confused on how to replicate _copyBootloaderData (in manually on my
side. What should be returned by .getTargetPhysicalRoot() and

physical root = /mnt/ostreeroot
sysroot = /mnt/ostreeroot/ostree/deploy/$osname/deploy/$deployment

3) Any suggestion where to look for help on creating Host from scratch
without anaconda, and how bootloader works in ostree world? Is this the
right direction I am going so that at the end I could create photon ostree
host? Am I executing the above commands in right way?

You're pretty close.  This list is the right place.  The actual bootloader
integration with GRUB2 is pretty ugly.  We could do a lot better when
using a bootloader that directly parses the Bootloader Spec.  But
the BLS has issues with multi-booting among other things.  See:

for a thread on this in the Fedora world.  Other people use OSTree
with syslinux/u-boot, and rely on generating the config file, which works OK.

I really don't like GRUB2, but it has a lot of momentum owing to the UEFI support
and being the default on both Ubuntu and Fedora/RHEL among others.

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