trying to get ostree set up..

Hi folks, I'm trying to get ostree working but having some issues.  I've scanned the mailing list archives to make sure that I'm up to date on things.  My issues are this.  I tried following the instructions in:

I installed ostree using jhbuild and running everything that way.  The problem comes with this:

# cd /ostree
# ostree --repo=repo remote add gnome trees/gnomeos-3.6-i686-{runtime,devel}

This does not work because there is no url{runtime,devel}

I did find this path instead:{runtime,devel}

So I executed this:

# ostree --repo=repo remote add gnome bases/yocto/gnomeos-3.6-i686-{runtime,devel}
I don't know if that is the right thing to do.  It seemed to work, but after setting the path to ostree and then doing the documented ostree pull

I get this:
fetch: 0/0 metadata 0/0 content; 0 B/s; 1 requests [0/37 bytes]

and it just hangs.

Any ideas?


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