Re: Make ostree admin --help output more helpful

Thanks for the patch!  It looks helpful.

On Sun, 2012-09-30 at 12:28 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> Here is a patch to make ostree admin --help list available subcommands.
> Not quite perfect yet - e.g. ostree admin init --help does not work as expected.

g_option_context_set_description doesn't steal its argument, so you need
to make a local variable and call g_free().  This is easier with the
"ot_lfree" macro.

> Here's a few more-or-less related questions:
> - What is the relation between ostree init and ostree admin init ?

The first just initializes an ostree-as-vcs repository - like the rest
of the non-admin commands, you can run it as non-root.  This is used by
the gnome-ostree build system to put binaries into an "archive mode"
repo that could be in the building user's home directory or wherever.

"ostree admin init" sets up for a system deployment - this includes a
"bare" repository, but also prepares a directory for copying the host
kernel modules, and potentially other things in the future (e.g. sanity
check you have a supported version of GRUB).  Like the other admin
commands, it really only makes sense to run as root.

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