ostree 2012.7

The major changes here are:

1) There's now a separate gnome-ostree module that is equivalent to the
   jhbuild modulesets: http://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-ostree
2) ostbuild is massively rewritten; the generated contents.json is now
   *much* closer to the source manifest.  When you want to rebuild just
   a few parts after getting a binary tree, the build system now
   doesn't have to do a significant reverse engineering effort.
3) Various speedups in the core VCS


Adrian Perez (1):
      ostree-pull: Fix segfault by initializing pull_data earlier

Colin Walters (51):
      Move gnomeos/ to "gnome-ostree" module
      ostbuild: build-components: Ensure specifying components forces
      ostree.doap: Update
      ostbuild: Use .lastfetch file per branch
      ostbuild: Allow using dirty-git: for patches too
      ostbuild: resolve: Add --fetch-patches option
      core: unpack: Actually delete no-longer-needed pack files
      core: pack: Keep loose objects which are referenced externally
      core: Fix ostree-pull to be able to look up remotes in parent repo
      core: unpack: Add --keep-packs option
      pull: Add --prefer-loose option
      pull: Use API to stage files with length
      ostbuild: Fix pull-components
      ostbuild: Add ostree-revision in buildroots, bin-to-src
      core: Don't look in packs if we found loose object
      core: Clarify error message
      core: Replace pack superindex via rename() rather than truncating
      core: Make argument parsing more robust against "lt-ostree" name
      core: Really fix saving variants with REPLACE_DESTINATION
      core: Allow adding related objects to commits
      core: Add write-refs builtin
      core: Limit recursion during traversal
      core: Map metadata from repository as trusted
      core: Prefer packed metadata
      tests: Tweak valgrind suppression
      ostbuild: Make binary snapshots an extension of source
      ostbuild: Minor fixes
      ostbuild: Write out related objects on composes
      ostbuild: Make partial builds work
      ostbuild: More work on partial builds
      ostbuild: Tighten build process significantly
      ostbuild: Add import-tree
      ostadmin: Update for new trees/ location of trees
      ostbuild: Some work on qemu deployment
      ostbuild: Fix git-mirror
      ostbuild: Remove /var from components
      ostbuild: Various fixes, removal of dead code
      ostbuild: Drop dead branch-prefix and pull-components
      core: Rearrange code for clarity (doesn't actually fix leaks)
      ostbuild: Add source-diff builtin
      ostbuild: Enhance source-diff with --log and --logp options
      ostbuild: Fix typos in component lookup path
      ostbuild: Few more misc fixes
      core: Make device/inode loose object cache work for parent repos
      ostbuild: Fix --debug-shell option
      core: Make OstreeRepo struct private
      ostbuild: git-mirror: Also fetch patches git
      ostbuild: Add 'tag' concept to manifest, improve git mirroring
      core: Attempt direct link() and fallback on EEXIST
      core: ostree-pull: Add --depth option
      Release 2012.7

Matthias Clasen (2):
      core: fix a typo
      ostree-pull: Avoid an uninitialized variable warning

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