Updated 3.6 build in trees/gnomeos-3.6-i686-{devel,runtime}

I committed the wip/ostbuild-v3 branch; it's a pretty major rework.
Basically I dropped the whole source/binary snapshot distinction, and
the contents.json we put in binary trees is now exactly the same
as a resolved source manifest.


is now updated.  However, as far as actually using it myself,
having wireless inside the system has now become important, so I'm
looking at that =)  Just imported linux-firmware into the tree.

After I have some things stabilized and tweaked more, I'll make a 2012.7

Oh, important note: In the new system, trees are stored with a trees/
prefix, rather than at at the toplevel.  In other words, it's now:

ostree --repo=/ostree/repo diff trees/gnomeos-3.6-i686-devel

This is clearer, I think.

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