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Colin Walters <walters verbum org> writes:

> Well, we want to read *both* /etc/passwd and /lib/passwd.  I'm not sure
> how copying the source would make that easier.  Basically "adduser" or
> whatever should still modify /etc/passwd.

Ouch, I think my previous explanation was not clear enough O:-)

The idea would be to have a copy of the libnss_files sources, modify
the paths to make it read from /lib/{passwd,group,shadow,gshadow}
(instead of /etc), and call the built llibrary something like; and finally make nsswitch.conf have:

  passwd: files altfiles
  group:  files altfiles
  shadow: files altfiles

That way, glibc functions will try the files in /etc first (so passwd
and the rest of existing tools would act on those), and when an user
name is not found, then the files in /lib would be tried.

Does it sound better now?

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