Re: Support for Radeon an nouveau?

On Mon, 2012-08-13 at 19:51 -0300, Evandro Giovanini wrote:

> Looking at gnomeos-3.6.json it seems that only the vesa and intel
> drivers are built, and mesa is built without support for modern nVidia
> and Radeon hardware. Is there any chance of adding those? The gallium
> drivers for some of those requires llvm too, I think.

Yeah...requires building llvm which I just haven't even looked at.  From
what I understand, it's pretty finicky with what exact version of gcc
you have, which will be painful =/

>From a quick search on the internet it looks like someone's already
written bitbake recipies:

Where exactly that is I'm not sure...

> Another question: is there a way to cleanly reboot or power off the
> ostree system right now?

This one depends on systemd which I am working on (slowly), various
things keep coming up.

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