wip/systemd branch

So I think systemd working is pretty much necessary at this point.
While there was a bit of value in the gnome-ostree builds using
ConsoleKit for the 3.6 cycle in order to shake out unintentional
build breakage for the non-systemd case[1], gnome-ostree is
just way more valuable in its role for helping future development
if we switch.

The current status is it builds, but I haven't even tried booting.

I pushed some patches necessary to the Yocto base:

(Updating util-linux, adding libpci-dev to the -devel root)

And there's now a gnome-ostree branch, most of which is
just reshuffling the build order, and adding kmod and


I'll try a basic boot test tomorrow and if it works, merge
it to master.

Then hopefully GDM will work again =)

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