Re: [PATCH] ostbuild: don't work on the real repository for local URIs

On Tue, 2012-07-31 at 18:56 +0200, Giovanni Campagna wrote:
> This
> avoids patching ending up in the upstream repository or conflicting
> with non-committed work.

The local: key working this way was so you wouldn't have to commit
local work just to build it.

And even more than that, it doesn't clean _build in the checkout, so you
get incremental builds (you can of course "git clean -dfx" as you wish
get a full clean build).

It's all about the edit-compile-debug cycle, in this case speeding
up "edit-compile" to be as thin/fast as conceivably possible.

I see the point of your patch - I'm guessing that you're using
the same source directory for gnome-ostree hacking as for
jhbuild hacking.  Personally I use two separate ones, which
does help me avoid conflicts with jhbuild.

Couldn't you get the effect you want by just changing the repository URI
to git:file:///home/gcampax/src/modulename ?

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