Re: [orca-list] solus budgey install

You'll like guake, after you install guake, run it once and it asks
questions and creates its configuration file.  When you close it and hit
f12, guake comes up automatically for you.  The eopkg command I find for
screen reader users works better with the -N switch used.  That -N switch
shuts off color and ansi and leaves your screen in a clean state once
eopkg is finished running.

On Fri, 24 Sep 2021, Kyle via orca-list wrote:

Yes. I used flat review to see what the textboxes did. Looks like you can
create as many users as you want there. A pretty nice installer. I wasn't
aware that snaps could work on Solus. This sounds like fun. I have snaps
running on Fedora now, which is pretty nice when I need something that doesn't
have a copr available or something like mame, whose snap for some odd reason
works much better than the regular package.


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