[orca-list] Orca and Solus

I now have Solus working but it does seem after being prompted to loggin, I need to launch Orca and sometimes 
I need to do a few attempts, either because when I sometimes type Orca, it doesn’t seem to always accept 
letters I have typed or the run dialogue isn’t always focused on so I have to alt tab before I type orca.
I have not yet found a fix to this issue.
A similar thing maybe happening when I launch the terminal and do something like sudo eopkg upgrade and when 
I try to open a page in Firefox and try to open a new page.
Also how do I enter text in a form field like when I loggin to my Google account?
I am sure there was a way of turning on the caret mode or whatever so it doesn’t exit a form field while you 
are filling it in.

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