Re: [orca-list] Can I tell if I'm muted in Zoom for Linux?

Great tip! How did you figure that one out? Also had the same experience with the toolbar disappearing. Using the latest version.


On 9/17/21 9:14 PM, peter rayner via orca-list wrote:
First don't feel too bad about this either way, it's obviously a
problem for sighted users too "you're on mute" should be the
phrase-of-the-year for 2020 and 2021. Next the answer to this depends
a lot on which version of zoom you're using. At the moment I'm using
the snap version with ubuntu 18.04LTS. With this version, provided the
toolbar is "visible" I can tab through the controls, one of which is
"mute" or "unmute" depending on current state. Video and recording
work similarly. Note the toolbar seems to vanish from time to time,
ctrl-\ (control backslash) seems to get it back reliably.
Now if someone can find me a way to stop screensharing once I've
started I'd be most grateful.
Note that the downloaded version of zoom from their web-site is much
less accessible. I suspect that's the version you're using since the
behaviour you note is what I saw with that. The flatpak version is
*probably* accessible too once the magic flags have been set. One
collaboration App vaguely under control, 36 to go :-) Next week Teams
on linux.
John G. Heim writes:
Other than asking everybody else on a Zoom call if they can hear me, how=20
can I tell if I am muted while using the Zoom client for Linux?

John G. Heim, 608-263-4189, jheim math wisc edu

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