Re: [orca-list] Installing Ubuntu mate 20.10 with orca

The problem you describe is as I recall a problem that was initially present in Ubuntu-MATE 21.04. I was hoping they would have that fixed before the freeze, but it does appear it will likely pass largely unnoticed in the 21.10 release sadly. I would consider this to be a showstopper, but the powers that be at Canonical don't seem to think so. I do hope I'm just blowing smoke, and that they do get it fixed. Meanwhile, you may be able to open a terminal and run your command using sudo -e or similar. I think that's what keeps the environment that allows administration apps to talk. Also, from my most recent testing, I have found Fedora-MATE to be highly reliable and stable, and the installer and other administration applications are speaking out of the box. It also offers access to both snaps and flatpaks, and most software seems to be at later versions than the Ubuntu equivalents. They really did a great job with this release. They even still have Compiz if you need that for magnification or anything else that it can do well. Hope this helps.


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