Re: [orca-list] finding text on a web page

I am using orca-41.beta and mozilla firefox-91.0.2. I don't know what
ratpoison is, but I had zero trouble using the `C-f' function. It went
to that spot immediately.

Hwaen Ch'uqi

On 9/9/21, Kyle via orca-list <orca-list gnome org> wrote:
It appears that the text you are looking for is not on the screen.
Orca's find function can only search the screen, I believe via flat
review. Since Fri 9/10 is actually a link on that page, you may have
better luck using the single quote/apostrophe key. This tells your
browser to search the page for only link text. So when I enter exactly
'9/10 on that page, it automatically goes to that link and activates it.
If you're looking for non-link text, then the slash key performs the
same type of search for all text, and it is much faster than using the
control+f functionality. Also, you can press the escape key instead of
the enter key to just land the cursor on the text you wanted to find
without activating anything. Hope this helps.


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