Re: [orca-list] What is the state of audio recording on Lynnox using orca?

Thank you to all who have replied on this thread so far. Definitely going to give audacity and work then. A 
pity reaper is not accessible under Linux  using orca.

I was unable to find the digital audio editor that Didier mentioned. Perhaps someone could post a link to the 
appropriate git repository please?

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I had thought that audacity was accessible at least in terms of copy paste?

I had herd that orca works somewhat well with it.

It didn't when I tried it recently. For example, navigating the menus
wasn't accessible with Orca.

However, Audacity is remarkably accessible under Microsoft Windows,
which suggests that some Linux-specific work is needed to make it
equally accessible with Orca (probably in Audacity or in its widget
library, or both).

Note that Audacity has had its share of controversy recently, and that a
fork has reportedly occurred.

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