Re: [orca-list] What is the state of audio recording on Lynnox using orca?

I've actually had quite good luck with Audacity, except older 2.x versions seem to slip off the track list, causing me a ton of grief. 3.x versions don't seem to have this problem, although I would use Tenacity instead if I could just get it to build. It keeps spewing errors about the long dead ia32 architecture and aborting the build, at least on ARM machines. That said, my access to the menus and interactions with the settings pop-up windows has been stellar for nearly 12 years, using audacity on nothing but Linux desktops running Orca. My only problems have been related to the track list, where there seems to be no easy way to know which tracks are selected. I find though that select -> none has the nice effect of deselecting not only all audio data, but all tracks, so then all I have to do is to start at the top and press the enter key to select only the tracks I want. I'm hoping the Tenacity fork moving toward distribution packaged wx-widgets will help many of the remaining issues with Orca.


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