Re: [orca-list] What is the state of audio recording on Lynnox using orca?

Thank you for this: I will definitely give gst123 a try! I know that,
at least with mplayer, the time interval of the arrows can be changed
through the .mplayer file. Perhaps this is applicable to gst123.

Hwaen Ch'uqi

On 9/8/21, Jeffery Mewtamer via orca-list <orca-list gnome org> wrote:
I don't know how well it'll work with Orca in a terminal window, but
gst123 provides a very straightforward means of playing many audio and
video formats and provides a constantly updated current time/ total
time as the last line of it's terminal output.

There's also mpg123(for mp3 and probably related formats) and
ogg123(provided by the vorbis-tools package in in Debian, for ogg
vorbis, FLaC(requires the flac package in debian) and probably related

All three are just

xyz123 fileToPlay.ext

to play files, with spacebar to pause/unpause, no attempts to organize
a media library, and relatively minimal terminal output. Gst123 is
actually inspired by mpg123 and ogg123, using Gstreamer to provide
wide support with a minimal interface, and unlike mplayer or mpv, gst
doesn't require a flag for playing video files without a display

Granted, the seek controls in all three are limited to left and right
arrows for jumping in 10 second increments and up and down arrow for
jumping in 1 minute increments, so pausing at the exact moment you
want a timestamp to feed to sox for doing a cut may be a bit tricky.
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