Re: [orca-list] What is the state of audio recording on Lynnox using orca?

This leads to a question that _I_ have always had: Is there an audio
player that can give fine-tuned coordinates if desired? I generally
use mplayer, but if I leave orca running, it spits out all kinds of
things that make no sense. On the other hand, ffplay becomes silent of
verbal output. I have had moderate success with cmus, but it
approximate, AND it seems more interested in organizing my files into
a library when I simply want it to play a specific file.

Hwaen Ch'uqi

On 9/8/21, John G. Heim via orca-list <orca-list gnome org> wrote:
Yeah, I use sox. What I typically do is type the sox command into a text
buffer and then copy/paste it into a terminal window. If I want to cut a
few words out of a recording, I painstakingly repeat sox commands until
i find the beginning. Then i run sox commands until i find the end. Then
I run a sox command to cut out the segment. But I don't do that much
sound file editing.

On 9/7/21 10:09 AM, Didier Spaier via orca-list wrote:
Hello James,

For editing, audacity is barely accessible with speech and I don't know
any other graphical application accessible with speech. maybe others do?

However dae (Digital Audio Editor) from Willem Van der Walt) is a
console application fully accessible with speech. the is also sox which
has some editing feature.

For recording I suggest to just use arecord on the console. Maybe there
are accessible graphical front-ends, I will let other answer on that.

Didier Spaier
Slint maintainer

Le 07/09/2021 à 16:21, James AUSTIN via orca-list a écrit :
Hi everyone

Hope you are all keeping safe and well.

I’ve done some rudimentary searching on the Internet but I’m unable to
find an answer to my question. So I thought I would ask you.

Could somebody please advise on the current level of accessibility
when it comes to audio recording and editing using orca please?


Kind regards


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