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The speech-dispatcher devs have made significant progress in making closed-source text-to-speech engines more reliable than we've historically seen.  The dependencies on distro-specific APIs have been dramatically reduced, e.g. the actually synthesis module no longer needs to depend on Pulse Audio, or any other audio backend.  In the future, if Espeak works, Voxin most likely will also work out of the box, and there will not need to be as many new Voxin releases as we've seen in the past to keep it working on new distro releases.

So, hang in there.  Things should start improving as the latest speech-dispatcher improvements start to roll into stable Linux releases.

On Fri, May 21, 2021 at 9:30 AM Glenn K0LNY <glennervin cableone net> wrote:
Hi All,
On one of my Ubuntu computers, running Ubuntu-mate 16, Orca has never been right, the insert space keys don't bring up the Orca setup, I have to use the run window, and do orca -s.
Also, I have tried a couple versions of Voxin, the IBM voice, 1.4 I think, 2.2, and 3.1.
The 3.1 runs but makes no interactive processes, it just runs and closes.
On the 2.2, I get the three steps where I press enter if yes, and I hear the voxin talking.
It finishes and says it will be available on next boot, but it is never there.
In settings, IBM is not an option, so I use default.
I did an update and then an apt upgrade, hoping this might fix something.
I wonder is there is a way to do a repair or reinstall of Orca.
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