[orca-list] Orca Does Not Use Voxin

Hi All,
On one of my Ubuntu computers, running Ubuntu-mate 16, Orca has never been right, the insert space keys don't bring up the Orca setup, I have to use the run window, and do orca -s.
Also, I have tried a couple versions of Voxin, the IBM voice, 1.4 I think, 2.2, and 3.1.
The 3.1 runs but makes no interactive processes, it just runs and closes.
On the 2.2, I get the three steps where I press enter if yes, and I hear the voxin talking.
It finishes and says it will be available on next boot, but it is never there.
In settings, IBM is not an option, so I use default.
I did an update and then an apt upgrade, hoping this might fix something.
I wonder is there is a way to do a repair or reinstall of Orca.

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