Re: [orca-list] what's the story with talking manjaro?

The installer is labeled Manjaro Architect, and it is on the desktop.  I couldn't get the thing to mount my partitions correctly; It would show as being what I wanted.  Namely, one EFI boot part, and one large EXT4 part.  The installer threw errors as it tried to install packages.  I was online, as is  required.


Dave  H.

On 5/15/21 12:01 PM, Jace Kattalakis via orca-list wrote:
There should be a shortcut to install it. The last I checked it was moved from a text mode installer, to a more GUI installer because that was easier for people to handle. I've not run through an install of it on Virtualbox however, so my info may be out of date, but it absolutely is built on the Architect format. You do not need Calamaris or whatevr it's called now. It has its own installer

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