[orca-list] Sound icons

Hello all,

is some way to have Sound icons in Orca? I would like Orca not so speak but make sounds for example - sound for checkboxes, sound for buttons, sound for radiobuttons, links, lists, etc. Is some way to do that? In the Czech Republic there was some great screenreader for Windows called Winmonitor and it had this super function. Now Winmonitor ended and it's only addon for NVDA. Winmonitor is part of the addon, but in my opinion, it's not so good like program Winmonitor. I like screenreaders what speaks less, but have many sounds. Orca is great too, I like it, but I miss sound icons. My work would be quicker with sound icons.

Thanks and sorry for my idea.

Best regards


P. S. If you want to test Winmonitor or NVDA addon, visit www.acedesign.cz to test it. They have many interresting apps for Windows and Android, but not for linux, pitty.

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