[orca-list] Dae, Digital Audio Editor

Howdy All,

A while ago, Willem van der Walt wrote a piece of software called dae. I was wondering if anyone knows if it 
was ever updated to python3?

It is included in Slint, and the current version uses python2.7. Of course, as you know if you are on the 
Slint list, there's a major python upgrade and cleanup under way. As part of that, dae needs to be updated. 
It looks easy enough to do. I was just wondering if it has already been done.

The second part of this is, how many people are currently using dae. If we have 0 users, I probably won't put 
forth the effort of updating the code. So, if you do use it please let me know so if there is no response 
regarding a python3 version, I will know that it actually needs doing.


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