[orca-list] Fwd: Accessible-Coconut 20.04.04 released!

download A.C and and enjoy.
The major feature is the cocopatcher which helps one to update the
system using scripts.
Thanking you

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From: Nalin <nalin x linux gmail com>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2021 06:52:02 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Accessible-Coconut 20.04.04 released!
To: Accessible-Coconut <accessible-coconut googlegroups com>

Dear friends,
  Accessible-Coconut 20.04.04 released. This version comes with following

1 System updated to 20.04.02.
2 Listed Safe graphics mode option in live booting.
3 Coco-Patcher updated
  * Script for updating 20.04.03 to 20.04.04.
  * Script for installing Skype.
  * Script for installing snap store.
  * Script for set-boot-parameter-to-safe-graphics-mode.
  * Script for updating orca to git version.
  * Script for installing TeamViewer.
  * Script for fixing CanonScan Lide 300/400 drivers.
  * Script for updating IBus-Braille.
  * Relaunch coco-patcher after update.
  * Notify user on coco-patcher update fails.
  * Dummy script removed.

4 Ibus-Braille updated
  * liblouis-back-translation-tables added
  * Built-in engine fixed
  * Liblouis integration - TTS synthesizer language switching enabled.
  * Liblouis integration - Abbreviations enabled and made more simple.
  * Liblouis integration - Text announcement improved.
  * Configuration directory changed to ~/.ibus-braille
  * Icon updated.

5 Lios updated
  * Image list IconView replaced with TreeView for accessibility.
  * Scanning announcement made brief.
  * Provide more better information when a dictionary is missing.
  * Bug fixes.
  * New French and Italian translations.

6 Download manager uGet added.
7 Chromium unnecessary authentications on start removed.
8 Screen reader shortcuts listed in User-Guide.
9 Orca for firefox web conflicting keybindings changed ( Alt+Shift ->
Insert+Ctrl ).
10 Open files directly in User-Guide (Not scripts).
11 Official website https://zendalona.com/ launcher added.

Complete list of steps done for customization is listed in "Customization
Details" which is in the "User Guide".

New web site ( Under development ) : https://zendalona.com/

Donors list : https://zendalona.com/donations/

Our mailing list : accessible-coconut googlegroups com

You can join this group via sending an email to
accessible-coconut+subscribe googlegroups com

Link for joining Telegram discussion group :

Download link :

Sincerely, Nalin.

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