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Dňa 24. 4. 2021 o 23:10 Samuel Thibault napísal(a):
Peter Vágner, le ven. 23 avril 2021 10:38:44 +0200, a ecrit:
Dňa 23. 4. 2021 o 1:18 Samuel Thibault napísal(a):
Peter Vágner, le jeu. 22 avril 2021 08:51:38 +0200, a ecrit:
Dňa 22. 4. 2021 o 0:33 Samuel Thibault napísal(a):
Peter Vágner via orca-list, le jeu. 22 avril 2021 00:26:49 +0200, a ecrit:

however flat review nor focus / selection changes are not reported.
There are series of missing features, yes.
Yes I understand that work is in progress. Do you know if there is a
based app you are considering accessible?
That depends, which version of gtk4 do you have exactly? The progress
very fast.
Currently I'm running GTK4 4.2.0 packaged on apr 12 2021 as tagged by the
GTK maintainers.

Is the gtk4-demo app working better for you than what I've described
yesterday please?
With orca, no, I guess there are for now missing focus events.

With GTK 4.2.1 I am now getting focus events with orca.

Some roles may not be wired yet as I'm getting orca speaking pane for list and tree view items.

Also descriptions contain some kind of hints.

For example text entries are spoken with return, buttons with space as the description.

Still the progress is nice.



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