[orca-list] a bug when closing chrome orca's focus seembs to get stuck on one window, debug.out attached.

a bugg,
not sure how to describe, don't worry, a debug.out will be added.
i'm in google-chrome, and I press file menu and exit.
I wate a few minutes, and tab I hear my terminal window and then nuthing when I try to tab again.
it's like the focus is stuck on the terminal window after google-chrome is closed.
using google-chrome this issue is reprodusable.
least it has been every time for me.
when orca getts in this rutt, I am unable to use my custom shortcut key to relaunch orca.
here is a link to the debug.out
stats of current os/software.
running debian sid or unstable.
google chrome unstable.
orca from git/source.
as of yestoday.
I hope this is of help.

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