Re: [orca-list] Updating Mate on 20.04/will Orca work better?

Caveat: I'm not Joanie and I never used Ubuntu <smile>

This behind us, I think that what matters is a reasonably up to date a11y stack
which includes here (Slint) at time of writing:

pyatspi-3.38.1 # most recent is 2.40.1
py3gobject-3.38.0 # most recent is 3.40.1 named pygobject in Gnome sources
orca-gitc94d7648e (more recent than 40.0)

Unless stated otherwise, these are the most recent versions; I think.

As nobody complained recently about Orca in Slint, these versions should be OK.


Le 03/05/2021 à 15:50, Jace Kattalakis via orca-list a écrit :
Not sure if I asked this before, but....

On Orca's github page it says Orca 40.x only works with Gnome 40.x

So given I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS do I need to update my Mate desktop to keep up with orca-master or not, or where's the limit with as far as I can go with updating Orca?

If I do update Mate to get the latest Gnome 40.x stack if that's how it works, would Orca work better on 20.04?

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